What is Classical Pilates?

At its core it is a discipline. It is the exercises created by Mr. Joseph Pilates; the exercises are built up over time, on the apparatus he designed, whilst holding in true to his intentions and widely held universal principles… The Classical Method is steeped in history, and proven credibility.

George Balanchine said ‘Pilates is a genius with the body’

In today’s Pilates market place, there are many variations now on the work of Mr Pilates. It has been confused with core work, stability work and physio. It has been adapted to suit the intention of any given body worker wanting to cash in on the success of the name Mr Pilates. In truth Classical Pilates known as The Method is all of these things and more. Joseph Pilates’ Method is unique. Its success is the sum of its whole, not a given exercise in isolation or work on a single piece of apparatus. The full expression of his Method must be experienced in order to benefit from the tremendous rewards that the word Pilates now makes claims too.

‘The beauty of The Method is in its whole, not in its parts.’ Holly

This is why the training to be a Classical Teacher is lengthy, a minimum of 600 hours apprenticeship. Many hours of self-practice is required to get to the heart of the discipline and then to be able to pass it along effectively. Joseph Pilates’ primary goal was placement, not as a static concept, but as a dynamic movement experience to be practiced over time and carried over into life.

His special exercises take you through all the ranges of movement. As you develop you are continually challenged with new exercises, new apparatus and new experiences… you will develop in both mind and the body. This is why the Pilates benefit is so far ranging, building strength and stamina, increased flexibility, but also better concentration and a sense of well-being.