Teacher Training Testimonials

I was a complete novice when I started my Pilates journey at Pi Studios in Battersea. My first Pilates class was enough to get me hooked on the classical method and soon after I embarked on my full comprehensive training program. The process of becoming a teacher was life changing and so enjoyable, especially with the support of Holly and the Pi team.

It isn’t until now, out in the big wide world teaching, that I have realised just how lucky I was to find Pi Studios and the PP teacher training course. No other course would have provided me with the strong teaching foundation that I have, and so early on in my Pilates career! I feel confident that I can provide any client with what they need from their Pilates session, including those with injuries and specialized needs. It’s these tools and skills that allow me to stand side by side and work alongside skilled Pilates instructors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and other professional in the health and wellness industry.

Not only does training with Holly at Pi Studios develop your natural talents as a teacher, the support received throughout your training continues long after you qualify and the continued education offered is unparalleled.

I can’t recommend Holly’s teaching and mentoring highly enough; with Joe’s method and Holly guidance this course will change your life!!

Rebecca Clarke

Hi, my name is Karen Nicholls, I have always been a fitness enthusiast and as I was getting older I was finding my body was becoming less resilient and a back injury lead me down my path into pilates. After my very first lesson, it gave me the adrenaline that I used to get in the gym but without the strain on my body. After 4 years of private sessions and seeing the results I desired in my mind and body, I decided I would love to become an instructor. I had always been told of Holly Murray, and her excellent reputation as a teacher trainer, so i knew if i was going to pursue this path, Pi Studios was the only place to do it. I completed the fully comprehensive course at Pi Studio in June 2012. I was mentored and supported by Holly Murray who inspired me throughout my 9 month journey.

I was apprehensive at first, being a mother of 4 children, this was not just a course for me, it was also about gaining my independence once again as a working mother. I was overwhelmed at first, but the structure and strategy that is provided throughout every stage of the course provided me with the tools to become the instructor I am today.

Since completing my course, I am working for Pi Studio twice a week and have set up my own studio in Surrey. Pilates has become part of my life, and can put you on the path to success. With hard work and passion, you can achieve what I have within a year.

Karen Nicholls

I was first certified by a contemporary pilates school in Switzerland. After discovering the classical pilates technique during a workshop with Bob Liekens, I enthusiastically enquired about a training program in Europe. Pi Pilates was the only training centre to offer a bridge program and in English. Although it meant dedicating time, energy and money to get re-certified, I can truly say it is the BEST investment I have made for my career as an instructor. Re-training at Pi Pilates provided me with a professional and friendly setting to acquire the amazing Power Pilates teaching components and to attain a deeper understanding of how Pilates should be taught. I am particularly pleased to now have the label of “classically trained” and could never go back to teaching Pilates the way I did before my Power Pilates training…

Karine Satamian – PlayPilates, Switzerland

I have been teaching fitness classes and personal training since 1994 so I have many years of experience of different methods of training and teaching. I began my Pilates journey in 2000 and have since trained with 3 different well recognised Pilates schools, attended 100s of workshops and conventions with some of the most respected teachers in the industry. Yet, I still felt something was missing, I wanted to be teaching the original Classical method and for this I thought I would need to go to New York.

Then I discovered Pi Studio Battersea, I started to attend on a regular basis, it was like a breath of fresh air, finally people were moving!

The way it was taught everything was achievable. As I had previous experience it all made sense to me. Power Pilates has a unique teaching formula which no other training course I have been with offered. I was amazed at the confidence and knowledge of the apprentices.

Also it is so important to get Pilates in your own body to teach well. From my experience other training schools do not tend to stress the importance of this. If you do not have a teaching background, the teaching formula used at Power Pilates is invaluable to you. So if you are thinking of training to be a Pilates teacher or looking for the missing pieces in your present training I would recommend Power Pilates 100 percent.

I personally have got fitter, stronger and my body has changed dramatically. I wanted my clients to experience this fully integrated system and to feel as good as I did, and for that reason I decided to bridge my qualification to Power Pilates and I have not looked back. My studio now is also a Classical Pilates Studio and I am loving it and so are my clients.

I believe there is a place for everyone in the market however, before making your decision I recommend you always attend the classes of the training centre on a regular basis, meet and find out the experience and background of the trainer before making that very important decision and handing over the cash.

Holly Murray has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and a fun and logic approach to teaching, and in my view one of the best in the industry.

Karen Prato

The comprehensive Pilates instructor training at Pi Studio is more a journey than a course.  It is journey of discovery about Pilates, your own body and mind.  It challenges you physically and intellectually and has been a joyous roller coaster.  I completed the course within the confines of life in Gloucestershire with four kids.  It was the best year and I cannot recommend it enough.  Nor can I sing the praises of Holly enough.  She is understanding, tolerant and open minded in her philosophy and gifts her wealth of knowledge with huge generosity for which I will always be very grateful.

Harriet Richards

What an amazing journey I’ve had at Pi Studio, without having to travel to New York to learn the classical method. Now exercises are broken down, my body feels better than ever before and my teaching language has improved immensely. I would definitely recommend Pi Studio to future teachers wanting to embrace and train in the classical work as well as clients getting an amazing workout with the fantastic teachers at Pi. Huge thanks Holly, learned so much from you, not to mention the ongoing workshops/continuing education programme in the future.

Sunita Choolun


I completed the full comprehensive training program with Holly Murray last year.

I loved every minute of it!

It was an intense learning experience. The program gave me the confidence and equipped me with all the information needed to start my journey as a classical pilates teacher.

Holly has an endless amount of knowledge and she was supportive during the programme. She continues to share her insights with me at Pi Studio.

Sophia Moore