Workshops/Continuing Education

Pi Studio offers a comprehensive continuing education schedule. Workshops and weekends are run throughout the year by Holly and her team, with guest teacher trainers from around the world. Here are some of the Workshops that we have run.


Siri Galliano

Siri is a world leader in the teaching of The Method and a Pilates equipment expert. She was certified in 1994 by Romana Kryzanowska and has over 30 years of experience in owning studios and having trained some of Hollywood’s top celebrities (Madonna, Uma Thurman, Cameron Diaz, Sting, the cast of The Matrix films). In addition to training teachers in the Original Method, she has had a successful career travelling the world training VIPs and International Royalty.

Semi Private with Siri Galliano - 1st July 2017
Siri Galliano - Day 1 - Explore Romana's Reformer - 1st July 2017
Semi Private with Siri Galliano - 2nd July 2017
Siri Galliano - Day 2 - Explore Injured to Athlete on the Caddie - 2nd July 2017

All Workshops are held at The Conservatory 35-37 Parkgate Road Battersea SW11 4NP.


Holly Murray Workshops

Workshop 1 - Feet to Seat (3 C/E Pi points per Workshop)- held October/November 2016
Workshop 2 - Shoulder Front to Back (3 C/E Pi points per Workshop) - held February/March 2017
Workshop 3 - Pelvis to Spine (3 C/E Pi points per Workshop) - held April 2017

All of these Workshops were taught by Holly Murray and followed a similar format:
• A brief overview of anatomy
• Review of the Central Lines and the Power House Action (PHA) involved
• Exercise progressions/modifications
• Exercise choices and why (special attention to the small pieces of apparatus where appropriate)
• Full body integration

Each Workshop was structured to build and connect, just as The Method does, so attend all three workshops as a series. However, each Friday was also designed to stand alone.

All welcome, open to teachers and clients alike. The experience allowed access to Holly’s unique and focused approach to Pilates and the body.
Guest Teacher Workshops

Alexis Dugdale Workshops - held April 2016
Bob Liekens Workshops - held June 2016
Chris Robinson Workshops - held July 2016