Intro To Pi and Pilates

Pi was founded by Holly Murray in 2003. Pi Studio is an internationally recognised Fully Equipped Classical Pilates Studio. It is recognised for its attention to both clients and teachers. When you work out with us you can expect real intensity, real change and Real Pilates. All our teachers are comprehensively trained and passionate about what they do.

At its core Pilates is a discipline, created by a strong man, a gymnast and a boxer Joseph Pilates. He referred to his discipline as Contrology. It is the go to discipline to strengthen, tone and lengthen muscles, repair joints and develop an easy correct posture.

Why 1:1 Sessions

All clients new to pi are advised to take up the Premier New Client offer. This offer is for 5 x private (1:1) sessions. Together with your teacher you will explore how Pilates can work for you and fit your goals.  From your first moment you will learn to move differently and experience the unique benefits of working the spring resistance.  Your teacher will guide you through and correct where necessary.  Over your 5 sessions you will gain confidence and familiarity around this new and beneficial way of working out.

Depending on your goals;  and together with your teacher you can decide the best way forward for you to develop the Pilates discipline. You may wish to invest in more privates or join our fun small energetic group classes – semi privates, tower and or barrels class.

New Client Offers

New Client

Deluxe Offer

1 X Private Class + 1 Class

£90 exc. VAT

(usual value £116)

2 week expiry

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New Client

Premier Offer

3 X Private Classes

£165 exc. VAT

(usual value £234)

3 week expiry

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New Client

Ultimate Offer

6 X Private Classes

£385 exc. VAT

(usual value £456)

6 week expiry

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  • Private And Duet

    55 minutes

    Private: Our gold standard in Pilates training. In a Private Pilates session you will work 1:1 with a your own highly skilled Pilates teacher. Time will be taken to ensure you are executing the work correctly, that you are comfortable on the Pilates apparatus and any particular modifications necessary can be made. It is 100 % focus just for you. We encourage you to invest here at the beginning to lay a solid foundation to your work, to ensure real internal change and break old movement patterns. The results – relive pain and stiffness, improve posture, strength, stability and stamina, a fully integrated and refreshed you from within. Privates are especially important if you are in recovery, and you may need to train for a while before progressing to a shared session known as a Semi Private.

    Duet: Share the benefits of a Private with a partner or friend. At Pi we recognise that time spent with our partner and friend is valuable so why not share the above benefits of a private but with just such a person.

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  • Semi Private

    55 minutes / 6 people maximum

    A Semi Private is the traditional way in which Joseph Pilates chose to work his client’s long term. He started his client’s with 5 privates in which he introduced his repertoire on the apparatus, gave some mat work as homework and something that your body particularly needed. He then left you to self practice, only when he saw you develop would he introduce something new for you to work on and so on. It is the best approach to progression, recognising too that we are all unique individuals. This is the true way in which to develop as a practitioner of the Pilates Method.

    Training in this way creates a strong, independent, focused mind, from which develops over time the internal change and that is the Pilates promise. Pilates is a life skill you cannot take your teacher with you! Independence is key.

    However, At Pi we don’t leave you quite as Joseph Pilates left his clients to self-practice. The Semi Private is a place to self-practice but with the trained eye and on hand support of a teacher to guide or challenge when necessary.

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  • Tower Class

    55 minutes / 4-6 people maximum

    A Tower Class fun group oriented class. Together you all work out in an up tempo class based around the spring resistance of the wall-unit or Cadillac.  You will be challenged within the body, creating longer, leaner, fitter muscles.  A fun healthy pilates oriented way too work-out.  It is a group environment and though some modifications can be managed if you have some serious issues you are best working out in a private or a semi private.

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  • Barrels and Chairs

    55 minutes / 4 people maximum

    A Barrels and Chairs class is a challenging and exciting class in which you work together as group.  A fantastic class in which to work on stamina, balance, concentration, strength and stability. Skiers and athletes it is a must, however remember we all need balance and agility at what ever we do in life.

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  • Power Tower Half Hour Class

    30 minutes / 4-6 people maximum

    A Power Tower Half Hour Class is a Tower Class for the time constrained.  Come punch out a fun pilates workout at lunch time or lave the office jump in a class and clear the day, for a refreshed evening.

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  • Mat Class

    45 minutes / 8 people maximum

    In a mat class there is no apparatus, just you and body against gravity. Challenging, but a great way to learn to take the Pilates’ practice home with you and out of the studio.  Here you will develop the Classical Pilates repertoire as developed by Joseph Pilates himself.  It is a workout; different to some mat work form other schools you may have trained with in the past. Once mastered this simple practice can keep you toned and pain free for the rest of your life.

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