Thanks to Holly I now have the body of a young ballerina. When Tom Daley asks me where I got my body I say Holly at Pi Studio; Holly has given me a womb of iron.

Hugh Grant, Actor

Pi Studio provides exceptional Pilates. Truly skilled, intelligent, strong and caring teachers who will get you to your goals and beyond!

Shari Berkowitz, Certified Pilates Teacher Trainer and Director of The Vertical Workshop Pilates

Pi Studio teaches Pilates the way it should be practiced. This is the only time in my long life I have exercised so regularly and can really see and feel the difference in my body!! It requires concentration and commitment but two years of Pilates has really changed my shape – something I thought would never be possible. In the past I have made an effort and worked hard at the gym or with a variety of personal trainers but never stuck with it the same way I have with Pilates. Apart from anything I love it!

Jennifer Guerrini-Maraldi, Pi Studio Client

Pilates improves my flexibility, strength, endurance and coordination. I don’t have hamstring problems anymore, and no more pain in my lower back. What I like the most about Pilates is that you have to concentrate on every single move you make; it is the best way to start my day!

Darko Buser, UEFA Licensed Football Coach/Ex-Pro Football Player and Pi Studio Client

I have benefited two fold from working with Pi Studio. Personally working with Holly and the team has improved my flexibility and recruitment of my core muscles, helping improve my performance in cricket, running and cycling. Professionally as a physiotherapist we have worked closely with Pi Studio to assist our clients obtain their full potential, and on this point I really believe that the method used at Pi helps achieve the best results from Pilates for the individual.

Paul Goss, Physiotherapist

I love going to the Pi Studio each week. The girls are most helpful and personalise your individuals programme whether you’re 18 or 80!

Peter Goldstein

As a fashion model, I’ve always felt a bit of pressure from myself to stay in shape. Shooting lingerie for brands like Marks and Spencer, Selfridges and Sainsbury’s always meant I needed to keep a healthy look. So searching for a workout I enjoy became extremely important in my life and that’s when I discovered Pi Pilates and all the amazing teachers there. Now 7 months on, not only do I see the difference in my body but my clients do as well! I felt very proud when a client called my agency purely to mention that their airbrushing costs had gone down because my body was in such great shape. All thanks to Pi!

Kate Canestri, Established Models

Going through pregnancy and child birth is something that effects you both physically and emotionally. Pilates helped me keep strong in all aspects of this challenging time. The amazing thing I’ve found is that Pilates is the most functional type of exercise for pre-, during and post-pregnancy. It’s all very well being able to touch your toes but you need to be able to get buggies in the boot and carry your baby and car seat. No easy task! Pilates strengthens you from the inside out and you learn to move from the right place. Be it mind body or soul!

Natasha Davidson, Power Pilates Certified Instructor and Pi Studio Client

Pi Pilates is outstanding

Bryan Ferry

I have to say I am very impressed with you dedication to customer satisfaction with arranging classes etc. I love Pi and definitely think it’s the best Pilates studio in the UK!

Ebru Perera

The brilliance of the Classical work of Joe Pilates is only experienced through the teaching of his work. Pi Studio, owned by Holly Murray, is one of the finest international educators in Power Pilates. Providing excellence in education in the classical curriculum as well as creating an environment that allows the student to flourish and grow. A career in Pilates requires more than just exercises. It requires a richness of understanding of the work that can be passed onto the client. Pi Studio embodies that!

Howard Sichel, D.C., President and CEO of Power Pilates

Since PI landed in Battersea nearly 10 years ago. I’ve plodded in, spirit flagging and butt sagging. The PI team work their magic and sent me back out, head held high, strength restored . This time, I crawled back, burnout, depleted mentally & physically. The PI team once again sprinkled their magic. Whilst the physical changes satiate my vanity and aid me in the never-ending battle against pesky mr gravity, the secondary impact on my emotional health is invaluable. PI offers something unique, an investment in my future wellbeing. They have the power to rebuild!

Sarah-Jane Ingram

As a footballer I started Pilates initially to help me with my flexibility and the reduction of hamstring injuries and in a little over a year later I would say both these goals have been achieved and I have reached these targets thanks to the excellent tutors at Pi Studio. I am also a licensed London taxi driver and as a result have some issues with my back, again these have eased and my posture has greatly improved.

Pi Pilates is a lovely place to do Pilates, it’s a friendly and fun environment yet serious about the teaching of Pilates and helping everyone reach their targets.

John Axelson

I have been coming to see Holly at Pi for a couple of years -as part of my training to be a ballet dancer. I have moved into the field of person training now, but everything I learned with Holly is helping with that. She is a great teacher and although she works you hard, the results are worth it!

Paula Jennings, Professional Ballet Dancer